10 Amazing Software Testing Benefits From Preflight In 2023


Software testing is one of the biggest concerns in the tech world. And, there are good reasons behind it. You can check out a lot of details about it in our article titled “What Is Software Testing? Definition, Basics, Importance, Types & Method”. However, we have jotted down a brief overview here too.

Why Is Software Testing Essential?

You are well aware of the surge in the number of users and their demands for efficient apps after the revolution in the availability of the internet. Today, there is hardly any place in the world where people are not connected to the internet and not using a lot of web applications.

Hence, to cope with such an enormous demand for smooth, efficient, and secure tech products and software development life cycle, all the IT farms are racing towards achieving a huge level of development. But, rapidly developing more and more applications is only half of the requirement for running a successful tech business.

You must ensure that those applications are running as expected and sustaining a smooth & efficient performance. And, that can only be achieved through stabilized and efficient software testing.

When you try to incorporate a lot of useful and complex features into an application, its code continues to get more complicated and tricky.

And, that makes the code likely to have more software bugs.

The complete operation of the application tends to break often. If the server is not capable of handling huge traffics, the entire operation can get stuck or break. The UI/UX design aspects can break.

Overall, not testing a tech product against possible loads can lead to several malfunctions. However, previously, the tech businesses were dependent on QA engineers for writing scripts for the tests and executing those scripts efficiently. Then the No-Code movement came into the picture to turn the situation around.

As we saw before, the number of users and the size of databases are showing no chance to decrease. So, it's becoming almost impossible to achieve the desired results and efficiency in the conventional ways of writing codes by technical members of the team.

Then the closest and most easily available alternative to deal with the situation was demolishing the barrier of coding knowledge from the development and testing system. The more detailed reasons for that move are as follows -

  • Huge dependence on the technical team members was causing a lack of workflow and was eventually triggering a great waste of time & resources.
  • Many non-technical members of the team are tremendously aware of the products' complete journey but the exclusive eligibility of the technical people for taking an active part in the process was exempting the non-technical people from bringing their ideas into use.
  • Writing long, complex test scripts was terribly time-consuming and used to result in the reduction of the overall test efficiency.

Along with the above-mentioned prime reasons, there are many additional reasons behind the immense popularity of no-code testing over conventional approaches. The no-code movement broadened the way for all the testing and development teams and their members to collaborate on any project and to actively participate in it.

And, as soon as the world started to notice the remarkable advantages of no-code development and testing, the popularity of such automated tools started soaring towards the sky. Numerous players have jumped in and many more are still putting in a lot of planning, effort, and resources to build some amazing no-code development and testing tools.

However, in such a competitive market, Preflight has made it to the list of most renowned names for the smoothest and most efficient no-code testing tools. So, let's check out what makes it the best choice for anyone willing to test their tech products with the maximum efficiency and the minimum hassle.

The Benefits of Using Preflight For Software Testing

Preflight is just not one of the most popular names for no-code testing. It is a significantly simple solution that can easily and effectively solve all your software testing requirements.

This simple browser extension is so smooth, effective, and efficient in operations that you will feel like you are navigating through a simple social media page and you will be astonished by the in-depth test results. The following step-by-step elaboration of Preflight's advantages will give you a clearer understanding.

Test Creation In A Glimpse

One of the most crucial objectives behind the no-code movement is achieving a faster operation and eventually a better efficiency. And, Preflight is well aware of this fact. Our tool focuses on allowing the users to create tests within seconds.

All you have to do is navigate through your app and use the functionalities you want to test. And, as soon as you complete performing actions on the functionalities, your test is created.

No Extra Installation Required

Development process and testing environments need a setup to create some applications that you will further use to solve many more purposes. So, naturally, they require a lot of other software testing process, frameworks, etc. to be installed for creating a suitable environment for their operation. And, if you are looking for a faster testing process, or having a low-end system, you will never wish to go through so many installations.

But, with Preflight testing software, you can stay relaxed as it is a simple browser extension that can be easily added to whichever browser you use. Just add it with a click and you will be ready to create your desired tests within seconds. It lets you stay free from the worries of installing any extra tool, framework, or software.

Simple & Smooth Interface

What if your testing needs get resolved within your app itself. Well, it's an easy reality with Preflight. You will be surprised to know that it runs within your app and does not require a separate interface to test your application. All you have to do is add it to your browser and begin using the functionalities you want to test.

Preflight will keep track of your actions and create your test immediately after you are done navigating through your product. Though such hefty test creations will keep running in the background, you will experience nothing but going through a smooth interface.

Auto-Recording of Tests

You may wonder what is the need to record tests and waste storage. Well, it is not only necessary, it is an essential approach to efficient testing. In many cases, the issues in an application cannot be detected during the first test run.

The recordings of the tests allow you to analyze them multiple times and if required, rerun them too. Now, if you need to initiate recording the tests every time you execute them, the efficiency will get terribly messed up.

On the other hand, Preflight exempts you from that headache. It automatically records every bit of your created tests while you are creating them or running them for the first time. Then you are capable of rerunning them as many times as you want and analyzing the test results.

Setting Assertions For Crucial Points

You are surely aware of the importance of an efficient design in tech products. Expert designers brainstorm a lot and put enormous effort into creating the most effective and efficient designs for applications. Each component and feature is designed in such a way that they perform at their best.

Hence, some of those components and features are needed to be specially tested. Preflight provides you with an amazing solution for that. It has a feature of setting visual and text assertions by just dragging and dropping some flags on those components that you want to give special attention to.

Randomize Variables

You have already seen how the number of users and sizes of databases is increasing rapidly. In such a scenario, to ensure that your application is capable of handling such a huge number of users and databases, you have to test them using a similar environment. But, manually creating such massive mock databases is a pointless move in terms of efficiency.

That's where Preflight saves you with its amazing feature of generating random variables, emails, etc. And, the best part is that to verify those randomly generated emails, you get their respective inboxes on the same test page itself. Hence, you must get started with using Preflight and experience such an amazing feature.

An Efficient Dashboard

Amazing features and functionalities are not everything required for a tool to be the best. If you don't have a good dashboard to navigate through those features, you will never get truly benefited from them. Preflight has kept its name shining here too. Our tool provides you with an awesome dashboard that enables you to navigate through all the features and functionalities you need to achieve an absolutely no-code testing experience.

Cross-Browser and Different Screen Performance

It goes without saying that the number of different devices and browsers is huge in the present market. Companies are developing numerous devices of different screen sizes, different operating systems, and other specifications.

To cope with that, software businesses are also focusing on building applications suitable for those different sets of use environments. Hence, if you want to ensure that your app performs at its best in any browser or device with any screen size, you must test it in such different environments. And, Preflight can easily enable you to achieve that through its cross-browser and cross-device compatibility.

Advanced Code Editing and AI Methods

Artificial Intelligence is no more a dream. It is one of the most important and effective realities in the modern world. The tech companies are tremendously active in providing their users with amazing AI-based solutions.

And, it can be clearly observed that those features make their tasks really easy to perform but, the tricky part is that the codes working behind those amazing features are extremely lengthy and vulnerable to crashing in complex situations. Hence, to ensure that those codes are capable of facing every situation, the testing solutions also need to make effective use of AI functionalities. And, Preflight is the best at that.

Our tool uses advanced AI-based methods like Context awareness, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and many more. You can get to know them in detail from the article “Best AI in Automated Software Testing Tools”.

Though we are concerned about providing our users with a truly no-code automation testing experience, in some situations, adding some custom codes can really enhance the overall testing experience. Preflight provides its users with a great code editor to add custom JS codes for creating the best test environment for their applications. That will provide customer satisfaction and usefulness at the same time.

Useful Updates Frequently

The tech world never stops evolving. While you are trying to understand a feature, a newer version of it is being developed. To cope with such a fast pace, your testing tool must also keep updating itself. And, Preflight undoubtedly does that in a remarkable way. While using our tool, you can stay relaxed and it will keep getting the latest updates more frequently than you can even imagine.


Till now, you got to know some of the most important benefits that you can receive from Preflight. But, there are numerous more awesome features that you can cherish only after starting to use it. So, stop delaying to get that marvelous no-code testing experience and book a demo with us now. For more information, you can visit our website. And, if you are a tech enthusiast, we have several amazing articles for you on our blog page.