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100 Test Runs
  • 1 Parallel Test(s)
  • 2 Environments
  • Windows 10 machines
  • Unlimited Test Creation
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Tests
  • Simple Editor
  • AI Selectors
  • Test Coverage
  • Console and Network Logs
  • HTML at any point
  • High resolution screenshots
  • Schedule tests
  • Video of tests
  • API access
  • 30-Day data retention


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Everything in Developer plan included*

  • Thousands of test runs
  • 5+ Parallel Tests
  • MacOS Machines
  • VPN Access
  • On Premise Solutions
  • SFTP Integration
  • Strategic QA Consultation
  • SMS Testing

Frequently asked questions

When will we be charged?
There's no credit card required when you sign up, and there is no trial. You start on our free plan and when you're ready, you can upgrade your account. Only when you choose to upgrade will you be charged.
How do you count test runs?
A test run is counted as any single test run, e.g. one browser/screen size combination. if you run a test on two browsers and two screen sizes, that would be counted as four test runs.
Can I cancel my plan?
Absolutely. Go to Account Settings › Billing to delete your credit card anytime.
How can I see how many tests I've ran?
In the sidebar of Preflight you can see how many tests you've used. You can also see how many tests you've run on the Billing page, under Account Settings.
What happens if I run out of tests?
We'll drop you an email when you come close to running out of tests for the month. If your tests run out your scheduled tests will be paused and you won't be able to run any tests. You can choose to enter credit card to keep running tests.
I have more questions!
We'd be happy to answer them! Click the live-chat in the bottom right or drop us an email:

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