Top 7 Cloud-Based Test Automation Tools In 2023

Cloud-based test automation is the method of virtually using high-end infrastructure against minimal charges for testing software applications without actually spending huge amounts of money in setting them physically. We already have published a detailed article on what it is and how it benefits the tech world. We highly recommend you thoroughly go through that article for an in-depth idea about it.

Now, efficient cloud-based test automation strategies can only be implemented by using powerful tools. Hence, here we will focus on the 7 best tools for cloud-based test automation.

1. SOASTA CloudTest

CloudTest is one of the most popular names among cloud-based test automation tools. This tool is developed by SOASTA and is capable of performing real-time automated tests on cloud infrastructures.

It can be a perfect choice for DevOps teams that are looking for a tool that somehow creates mock versions of real-life performance scenarios and helps the team to test the application against real-time data. The four types of tests that can be automated using this tool are mobile functional & performance testing and web-based functional & performance testing.

The best part about using this tool is that it can simulate millions of geographically dispersed concurrent users visiting a website so that you can test your application under huge loads. Also, irrespective of how large the test load is, CloudTest enables DevOps teams to access in-depth analytics and maintain seamless integration among test design, monitoring & reporting. That’s why besides testing enterprise networks and cloud applications, CloudTest can also test APIs, websites’ backend performance, and databases.


  • As it can run a testing cycle even in production, it becomes able to generate real-life performance results.
  • It provides you with a customizable dashboard and real-time feedback.
  • It enables DevOps teams to easily set and re-use test parameters without writing any line of code.
  • It has a visual playback editor that enables you to perform visual test creation.
  • As it allows you to access real-time analytics, you become able to increase or decrease the load during the test.
  • As this tool also supports continuous integration, you can easily get app performance feedback that can let you know when and where to add changes to your application.
  • As it uses cloud providers like AWS and Rackspace for simulating the traffic, you can also stress test your application using this tool.

2. BlazeMeter

BlazeMeter is a significantly flexible, easy-to-use cloud testing tool that allows you to test your application at any stage of the software development lifecycle. It is a great choice for small to large enterprises as it saves you a lot of time by providing you with a non-clustered user interface that makes it easy to read and understand test reports.

It is a great tool for performing continuous testing. DevOps teams also prefer to use it for load testing and performance testing because it is capable of capturing volatile customer interaction and recording how your application responds in such situations. Hence, it is evident that this tool can be used for developing custom test scenarios & workflows, and for configuring performance testing parameters & arrival rates.


  • It has a great performance reporting feature that covers important metrics such as response time percentile and real-time system defects.
  • It also provides you with comprehensive support and enterprise enhancements.
  • It allows you to seamlessly integrate with crucial tools or frameworks such as Apache Jmeter.
  • It is capable of working with CLIs, APIs, UI, open-source tools, etc.
  • Its capability of carrying out parallel speed tests on applications and providing real-time reporting and comprehensive analytics makes it a great choice for agile teams.

3. AppPerfect

AppPerfect is a popular cloud-based test automation tool that is mostly used for automating the tests to be performed on web-based applications. The most popular forms of tests automated by this tool are Cloud Load Testing, Cloud Hosted Testing, and Cloud Security Testing.

This tool has such important features that make it easy to ensure quality functional compliance in cloud infrastructures of any size. Another great reason for this tool’s popularity is its cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility.


  • It has amazing features that support collaborative testing for different teams.
  • In the case of cloud load testing, it provides you with features like designing and recording test scripts, scheduling test execution over a cloud environment, distributed testing, viewing & exporting test results, and comprehensive reporting.
  • It allows you to record and replay tests across different web browsers.
  • In the case of cloud-hosted testing, it provides the same useful features as cloud load testing.
  • As this tool supports the distribution of test scripts across various machines, it makes it easy to make multiple script configurations and execute tests.
  • It is capable of generating a huge number of test cases in a short time.
  • It provides you with features like Cloud Security Compliance, Encryption, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery.

4. CloudSleuth

CloudSleuth is a cloud-based testing tool or better to say, a distributed tracing solution that works for Spring cloud. It provides you with an easy infrastructure to test, monitor, and record the performance of web applications by capturing data in logs. It is also popular for allowing its users to share their test results with other team members for more effective collaboration.

Spring cloud sleuth works by adding two types of IDs i.e. Trace ID, and Span ID, where Span ID is the basic unit of work like sending an HTTP request.

Also, it enables organizations to easily simulate real user traffic and load conditions on their web applications. Its amazing features help you to analyze and troubleshoot web application performance issues.


  • It is a highly flexible tool that allows you to customize your load-testing scenarios to match your specific needs.
  • It makes you capable of extracting all the logs from a given trace.
  • As it is designed to be easy to use, it comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to get started with load testing.
  • It provides you with an abstraction for common distributed tracing data models.
  • As it allows users to simulate real user traffic, it makes you able to test how web applications will perform under peak loads.
  • It is capable of implementing common ingress and egress points from the Spring applications.

5. Nessus

Nessus is one of the finest cloud-based testing solutions for most enterprises. Besides helping testing teams with comprehensive security assessments, this tool also provides you with multiple features and capabilities such as network discovery, server hardening, and compliance checking.

This is a highly capable vulnerability assessment solution that can give you visibility for your AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. And, the best part is that you get significantly broad coverage for vulnerability.

It is an easy-to-use tool that provides you with a cost-effective way of reducing your organization’s risk of a data breach, and also thoroughly scans for vulnerabilities in your applications including the web-based ones.


  • Being an agentless scanning tool, it exempts you from the hassle of installing any agents on your devices or systems to run.
  • Its plugins get automatically updated from time to time so you don’t need to worry about that too.
  • It is a great help for organizations to ensure compliance with industry standards such as PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA.
  • It comes with pre-built policies and templates.
  • It provides you with amazing features like the ability to scan for and manage vulnerabilities, along with the option to schedule scans, view scan results, and export reports.
  • You can also use this tool to scan web applications for vulnerabilities, including SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
  • It makes you capable of customizing the reports.
  • You get the option to avail a flexible licensing model that allows you to pay for only the features they need.
  • It also provides you with the ability of offline vulnerability assessment.

6. Testsigma

The first impression about Testsigma comes from its first landing page that shows its commitment i.e. “a completely cloud-based test automation platform”. And, it indeed stands by the commitment. This high-performance cloud-based test automation tool makes the best use of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to make the process of creating, maintaining, and executing tests easier for testing teams. That means this tool is a great choice for those organizations who want to efficiently automate their tests but do not have many technical people on the team.

With the effective use of artificial intelligence, Testsigma is capable of efficiently generating and maintaining test cases. That way it looks after maintaining a well-balanced continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline, and ensuring the best quality of your tech products while you can focus on other important factors of your business.


  • It is capable of automating everything on the cloud. So, you can stay relaxed about all test forms such as web app testing, cross-browser testing, native Android & iOS app testing, and web services testing.
  • As this tool uses simple English commands for its operations, using it will not need high levels of technical expertise in the testing team.
  • It provides you with an excellent role management system that allows you to designate different persons for specific roles in the testing process.
  • It is capable of efficient parallel test execution. And, the best part is that you can run the parallel tests on the local devices or integrate them with other cloud solutions such as Browserstack and SauceLabs.
  • It saves you a huge amount of time by automatically updating and maintaining your test cases.
  • Its cloud test automation functionality comes with a dynamic locator strategy that helps in creating stable and reliable test cases.
  • As testing on real devices is considered to be more effective than testing on simulators and emulators, Testsigma offers seamless integration with real device cloud labs.
  • It also effectively integrates with popular CI/CD tools.
  • Its high-quality, in-depth reporting system helps you a lot in getting a detailed study of the quality of tests.
  • As it supports multiple programming languages, it can be a great addition to your tech stack.
  • It offers you great continuous integration support that helps you to easily integrate with CI tools to facilitate your automation testing.

7. Jenkins

Jenkins is a powerful, self-contained cloud-based test automation tool that is written in the popular programming language Java. It is widely used by testing teams due to its capability of automating all stages of the software development process.

This tool is also renowned for its versatility which is offered by the plugins that allow it to work with most programming languages.


  • It can easily be used as a continuous integration server to automate the build and test process.
  • It enables you to distribute work across multiple machines so that you can speed up the testing process.
  • It is a highly extensible tool that can be customized using plugins to fit the specific needs of your organization.
  • It can be used to generate reports that can give you insights into the testing process.


Cloud computing is overall an amazing technology that enables everyone to use high-performance computing infrastructure from anywhere in the world, and experience immense ease in their work. It is a revolutionary technology that enables people who have fewer resources, to use high-end setups against minimal charges, and the cloud-service providers to earn a lot by lending their setups.

Similarly, cloud-based test automation has brought everyone to an equal level by making them capable of using powerful infrastructure for their testing works. Here we have jotted down some highly useful information about the 7 best cloud-based test automation tools that you can get in the market. So, we must recommend you to minutely go through the article.

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