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The users of any SaaS or web application always need and want new features that provide them with ease and smoothness in operations. You may have launched your web or mobile application with all possible futuristic technologies and features of that time. But, to stand out among powerful competitors, you need to constantly add new efficient features along with improving the existing ones.

Here comes the point of our discussion here. Adding new features to your application is indeed an awesome thing but, that should not break the existing ones that have strengthened the reputation of your business. That’s where we feel the need for regression testing. So, what is regression testing? It is a software testing practice that lets you make sure that the existing features of your application are functioning smoothly whenever you add a new feature or update.

However, the access of the technical aspects is somehow exclusive to the developers and the highly-trained QA engineers. But, this traditional method of developing a product becomes immensely time and resource-consuming in the long run. A product has to qualify in multiple aspects to stand out in the market and all of those can never be handled only by the technical members of the team. Often the non-technical members are much more familiar with the objective behind the product and know how to scale it. But, for that, they need to understand the workflow or the actual condition of the product.

Why Is No-Code Regression Testing Important?

As we discussed above, the entire product team needs to work together on every crucial aspect of a product. Hence, when it comes to testing the product and ensuring that its functionalities are working properly, everyone on the team should have equal access to the QA process. And, that needs a codeless regression testing tool that provides a high-speed, error-free experience. The tool must be significantly beneficial for the whole product team’s agility and can improve the end-to-end regression testing experience. And, PreFlight fulfills all those requirements. We proudly welcome you all to test our most simple yet remarkably effective browser extension that makes you master all complex QA testing processes including regression testing.

Which Prime Qualities Define The Perfect No-Code Regression Testing Tool?

Our primary target is to use a truly codeless tool that provides cross-technology functionality, can schedule tests, improves data security & product quality. The tool must improve the efficiency of the QA test and eventually reduce the time-to-market. The end goal of using such tools is having the whole team work together.

What Are The Main Advantages of Using No-Code Regression Testing Tools?

  • Traditionally the regression tests require a lot of coding and eventually end up being tremendously dependent on the developers. But, as these tools work based on using flowcharts, building blocks to create test cases, and do not solely depend on coding, they significantly reduce developer dependency. So, you can expect much better work efficiency because any team member without any coding knowledge can easily plan, set up, and execute regression tests using these tools.
  • The non-technical team members often need to learn programming languages and the whole project becomes immensely time-consuming. But, with the no-code regression testing tools, tests are presented in a visual language rather than in a programming language. Anyone capable of understanding the product through the visual language can understand the regression test cases. Team members do not need to learn programming skills so, the learning time, as well as the overall time consumed by the testing process, becomes quite less.
  • Maintenance is an extremely important side of developing any product. Initially, expert QA engineers easily take care of the maintenance processes. But, as the number of test cases increases in the test suite, it becomes almost impossible to maintain them if they are written in code. Also, the maintenance tasks become exclusive for the dev team and they also end up finding the problem in the code rather than focusing on the actual development. But, the no-code regression tools allow you to stay relaxed about the updation or maintenance of the tests after creating them once.

How To Achieve No-Code Regression Testing On A Massive Scale With Preflight?

‘True no-code testing solution’ is the only suitable name for Preflight. We have brought the simplest and most effective testing automation solution for you. Our tool is a simple browser extension that automatically records, saves, analyzes the functionality of your web products with your workflows and the parameters and assertions set by you. And, the best part is that you don’t have to deal with coding at any step. However, sometimes there is a necessity to add some custom code to set up a dedicated test environment for your application and you will be extremely glad to hear that Preflight provides the most efficient infrastructure to add your custom JS code.

Now, from the business perspective, we ensure that besides being very advantageous in terms of being no-code, Preflight is also extremely beneficial in terms of business. It saves a lot of money and resources by enabling the entire product team to seamlessly work together. So, get rid of being frustrated with traditional testing automation tools. Start a smooth journey with Preflight, your truly no-code platform for regression testing. To know more about us and our product, check out our introductory documentation. Also, to get abreast of various interesting topics related to testing, take a look at our blog page.