How To Have A Rock Solid QA In Low Budget

Quality Assurance

Software Testing or QA is something that mostly holds much more importance than the software development process. If you are laughing after reading that statement, then please let us explain. You just think that if you will ever use something that looks great but you can't trust its performance and consistency.

The concept is the same as software. Get to know more about it as this article goes on.

You surely wish that you don't get into the nightmare of receiving complaints of poor service from your product. And, that can be a common scenario if you don't test the quality of your products before launching them. You may develop a product and launch it but, it can provide the worst user experience if it is not tested under difficult conditions.

That's where Quality Assurance comes into the picture. Companies spend a lot of money to maintain the best performance of their products.

But, can you achieve that efficient low-budget QA? Well, it is possible and we are going to discuss the most important points for it.

Maintain The Balance Between Manual and Automated Testing

Manual testing involves a lot of time and effort from experienced QA engineers. So, it is evident that a huge sum needs to be spent on hiring them and on the resources that they use. On the other hand, automated testing is much more efficient in terms of time and performance. And, we can build an effective automated testing system at a moderate initial cost but, you must stay aware that automated tests can break at any point in time.

Also, setting up an automated testing environment involves a lot of things like setting up a server, and putting in a lot of code. Hence, it eventually becomes terribly expensive and resource-consuming.

That's where Preflight comes in. With the easiest and superfast testing method, anyone with even no coding knowledge can efficiently analyze web products and mark the points of improvement in them.

And, the best part is that you can have the smoothest testing experience at the same budget that is required just to set up the server with other automated testing systems. And, it serves you without hampering a lot of your time and resources.

On average, the test automation coverage is less than 50%. But, closing to the ideal scenario, organizations must try to achieve 75-80% test coverage using a strong DevOps environment.

The manual testers are familiar with most of the product's business flows. So, they focus on testing the boundaries of an application by exploratory testing. Hence, there is no point in conducting repetitive tests by manual testers. That is a large option to save a lot of money through automated testing.

Choose The Most Suitable Testing Frameworks

Anyone with a bit of technical knowledge knows that using incompatible tools can lead to huge waste of money. Similarly, if you don't use the best-suited test automation framework, you will observe a tremendously high test execution time. To choose the best one, you must know that Selenium leads to high speed in tests when the infrastructure is properly built and Cypress reduces downtime as it does not need manual triggering of subsequent tests.

On the other hand, Preflight allows you to focus on multiple points on a web product to test if its prime functionalities are running fine. And, that makes PreFlight your best friend to test different web products with almost no hassle and most importantly no brainstorming about coding things. Hence, it can make you get rid of the nightmare of hiring 2 QA engineers for almost every 10 software engineers. And, that will surely be more financially friendly for anyone.

Test During The Low-Cost Period

The cost of the whole QA operation is not the same for all of its stages. During the earlier stages, the cost is comparatively low. By that time, the cost and risk of failure are also comparatively less. So, plan to engage the developers in testing by that time. Another efficient method for testing mobile applications is using simulators and emulators to test them. The running speed and fast feedback loops of these virtual machines help developers work faster without much interruption.

Being written in JavaScript and based on Mocha & Chai, Cypress is more efficient in testing websites and applications. However, as a simple yet highly efficient extension, PreFlight overtakes all other testing platforms in terms of being a really budget-friendly QA solution. Means really? When a simple extension can perform all the QA things in a much better and more efficient way than any other heavy software, it will definitely be a financially preferable solution for anyone. The calculations on our website stand by the same fact.

Consider Lowering The Expenditure Per Execution

A wise method is to reduce the per execution cost in continuous testing. The overall cost of your test executions depends on multiple factors like the size of your test suite, number of environments, number of applications, device/OS permutations, and cadence. You can execute multiple tests in a stable automation environment by executing them in parallel through a commercial vendor. And, that can significantly reduce your expenditure on the tests.

Reduce Test Maintenance, Device Maintenance & Upkeep

Some testing systems like Selenium cannot identify test objects correctly and their tests get broken. So, they require a lot of maintenance and cause huge wastage of time and resources. Using AI-based, built-in self-healing technologies significantly improves test efficiency and reduces the time of test maintenance. Hence, it can lead to huge savings of testing resources and money.

Also, another great aspect of saving money is device maintenance and upkeep. With Preflight, you can get a phenomenal experience in every aspect of QA testing. Its AI-based system records every step you go through on your web product. It allows you to modify your test parameters at any point in the test.

Hence, it becomes a more dynamic solution for you. Then you can monitor every minute detail of it in the automatically saved version of the test. Hence, overall your job becomes easier even without dealing with a single piece of code.

Look For Ways To Increase Efficiency

If you are not doing something right, continuing it for an extended period of time can cause a huge waste of money. To get rid of that, you must first find out what you are doing wrong.

Getting a detailed test report can solve your purpose but, you can also get stuck in understanding root causes and filtering out or fixing false positives. Hence, conduct root causes analysis or use machine learning to separate false negatives from real failures. These can indeed turn out to be financially beneficial.

Using No-code QA Testing

Now, if we talk about efficiency, it is universal that getting better results with less effort means great efficiency. And, the main effort and challenges you face during QA testing with conventional tools are heavy software and lots of complicated codes. But, the no-code QA testing is the foundation of Preflight's legacy. It offers you the best testing experience while exempting you from coding or even thinking about it. Hence, you can count on Preflight for exceptional efficiency in QA testing.

Invest In Collaborative Testing Tools

There are non-technical members in your team who do not have much knowledge of coding but, know a lot about the business. Their knowledge is tremendously beneficial to test several aspects of your products. On the other hand, you need developers with high technical skills to test the technical aspects of your products.

Hence, the best solution is to test the products using such tools that can be used by the whole team together. It should have non-technical and technical systems together so that your product gets tested thoroughly by the entire team. Investing in such tools can be financially efficient in the long term.

And, again that brings you to the test automation tool, Preflight, one of the most popular No-Code QA testing platforms. Let any member use this amazing browser extension for software testing and you will surely get the best results!