Top 10 Codeless Automated Testing Tools in 2023

Quality Assurance

Ready to launch your web product? But, you are struggling with limited time and other parameters to train your massive QA team and start with the tests. So, how will you test your product? Without checking through robust QA process, the features of the application can break anytime.

And, that will deliver a poor user experience which will eventually harm the reputation of your company. However, such a situation can be effectively prevented by in-depth automated software testing. So, what are codeless test automation tools for?

Thoroughly testing all your products and then earning some profit from it is not an easy task. Let us give you an overview of the problems that you might face.

  • Having a large business makes you hire a large team of QA engineers and training them involves a lot of resources.
  • Often your product team consists of many non-technical members and they mostly have no idea about using a supertechnical QA tool. But, many non-technical members know so much about the objective behind the product, that it becomes really important to get the products tested by them.
  • The large team of QA engineers faces difficulties in maintaining automated UI tests and they mostly end up being stuck while putting the tests in a structure as all those need to be done in the CI/CD pipeline.
  • It is really hard to write huge codes in different programming languages to test your complex QA tests.

Why Does Everyone Love Codeless QA Tools?

As we saw above, the involvement of complex codes in QA causes multiple hardships that can become harmful for your business in the long run. That's where the codeless automated QA testing tools save the users as well as the market.

These tools enable the whole team to work together on a single project and analyze every smaller than the smallest part of every application. Let's take a look at the strongest pillars that keep the popularity of these tools in the seventh sky.

  • They have a simple interface that allows you to conduct complex operations with just clicks and drag & drop movements.
  • The tests are easily recorded and can be analyzed repeatedly through the smooth playback feature.
  • Efficient AI and ML technologies can be easily integrated for better performance.
  • They have significantly lower maintenance.
  • Using codeless automation testing tools, any complex web product can be tested and launched without the presence of your QA team. Anyone from the team can smoothly run these tools and publish the product.

So, we can see how the codeless QA tools reduce the hassle in automated software tests, and web testing, increase efficiency, and eventually boost your business. There are various codeless QA tools available in the market.

Each one of them holds some unique features to provide some special advantages. Let's take a look at the top 10 codeless QA tools and discuss their most unique features.

1. Preflight

Usually, automated software testing or QA involves numerous complex codeless automation testing tools and a lot of cumbersome setups to operate them. However, all these can easily be done with just our simple browser extension named Preflight.

Our tool fulfills all your software testing needs and provides you with the flexibility to use the recorded test across multiple devices. And, when you get such amazing efficiency, you will definitely reach a higher test coverage faster than you imagine. Preflight can easily get you to the remarkable mark of 70% test coverage.

All these become possible because Preflight focuses on thoroughly analyzing every bit of each component in your application. So, let's see how this QA best friend of yours serves you.

  • Auto-recording: You may have to check and repeat the test multiple times. And, if you have to set it up every time, it will become a nightmare. That's why Preflight records the test automatically on its first run. Then you can view it whenever you want, analyze the points for potential improvement, and run it on multiple devices. Check out our detailed documentation.
  • Our AI Sauce: Every web product is developed according to a pre-decided design flow. Hence, when you test a complex application, if the design changes, some of the tests might break. But, as you know most complex web products have some crucial points that need special attention. Preflight looks at a website as a combination of multiple small components. It parses the application according to its components. Hence, if you modify the UI for any small part, it will not affect the entire test. This makes us proud of our AI that actually uses some intelligence while other tools get stuck with any small modification and those tests break. To avoid that pathetic experience, let Preflight do the job.
  • Setting Important Checkpoints/Assertions: Every developer is always more worried about the special features or important parts that they have developed by immense brainstorming. Hence, naturally, those points need to be checked with more attention. Preflight allows you to set visual and text assertions to make the automated QA testing tool focus more on those points. And, all these can be done by dragging the checkpoint flag to set visual checkpoints and setting text checkpoints through right-click options. Go through the detailed guide for that.
  • Variables: Testing an application is the best way done by passing it through multiple test cases. Using different variables will let you check the capabilities of the application from different directions. Preflight allows you to use numerous custom variables to test your application. And, those used variables get automatically saved for further use. So, check out how to use different variables and get on with the testing.
  • Efficient Dashboard: Even if any tool has a lot of features but, the users face difficulties while navigating through the dashboard, the tool will automatically receive a lot of dislikes. That's why Preflight maintains an amazing dashboard that lets the users navigate through all the features and analyze all the tests conducted by it. So, start exploring the amazing user experience with our dashboard now.
  • Versatility: A nice web product should run smoothly on any device with any screen size and any browser. But, often various applications break or look ugly when they are loaded in a screen different from the one that it has been hard-coded for. Also, each browser has a different capability to load an application. So, to make your web products cut through all the challenges, they must be tested on every popular screen size, browser, and virtual environment according to global standards. And, Preflight provides those options to you. We have the smoothest infrastructure in our tool to let you test in every global default. Hence, start testing your application in different screen sizes and different browsers with Preflight.
  • Flexibility: While you can completely expect the best results for the tests conducted using Preflight's AI, you can always use your custom conditions in the test. You have the complete flexibility to use your custom exceptions, network calls, variables, and any custom condition to test any specific feature of your application. Check out our Advanced JS Methods and Tutorials to know more.
  • Constant Progress: The web never stops improving. By the time you are using a feature, numerous new features and updates are getting developed. And, it calls for new features in the QA tools to test the new products. That's why Preflight always makes sure to stay ahead of the requirements. We are always bringing new updates for you.

Don't let your automated software testing needs struggle with a lack of infrastructure. Let Preflight solve your needs and provide you with an amazing QA experience.

2. Mabl

Mabl is the name that can fulfill your requirement of a unified DevTestOps platform that is suitable for both developers and non-technical team members. It is mainly built for CI/CD and is great at integrating automated E2E tests into the complete SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). Mabl can run non-SDETS robust tests parallelly in minutes across all major browsers and in the cloud.

As a result, there remains no barrier of visual design, user experience tests, and performance tests. Now, it's time to check out some important features of this amazing codeless testing automation tool.

  • Has a new advanced UI and design approach.
  • Mabl trainer helps you to track all interactions and to add insertions.
  • The reusable flow enables you to edit any step in the test at any point.
  • Has the features like extensive data reports and insights.
  • You can conduct functional testing in minutes.
  • Can easily convert test output to multiple issues (such as Jira, BigQuery).
  • It can easily integrate with the CI/CD pipeline, Jenkins, Bamboo, Slack.
  • Tests can stay stable and test results can stay secure due to its auto-healing feature.


This end-to-end AI-based testing platform solves the two most crucial testing challenges - slow authoring and unstable tests. It relieves you from the headache of authoring, executing, and maintaining tests by the use of machine learning capabilities.

This one-size-fits-all solution delivers ‘shift-left' by providing the right collaboration format for developers and testers to work on respective branches and that too without overwriting each other's changes.

These features enable this simple, stable, and collaborative tool to automate tests.

  • One gets a built-in JavaScript editor to insert custom code.
  • The reusability of custom codes reduces maintenance.
  • By the use of smart and dynamic locators, tests are generated automatically.
  • Seamlessly integrates with CI/CD tools, GitHub, TestRail, etc.
  • It supports test authoring in three ways - Coding in IDE, Testim extension, and Record test to export and then change.
  • Has features like visual test editors, exhaustive test reports, and bug checkers for overall test analysis.

4. Perfecto

Perfecto is another popular name among the top testing platforms for web-based and mobile app testing. It has held its popularity due to its amazing AI capabilities for error classifications to optimize the CI/CD pipeline and self-healing features to test and run test scripts easily and with minimum maintenance. If you are planning to achieve better digital experiences through optimizing continuous testing in the CI/CD processes, Perfecto is a good choice for you. Its legacy is backed by its advanced reporting capabilities that help in bug capture, detailed analysis of fixes in the early stages of SDLC, high performance, and enterprise-grade security. Here are some of its main features.

  • Has enterprise-grade security and scalability features.
  • Impressive debugging and test management capabilities.
  • Known for its awesome AI-driven test maintenance capabilities.
  • Allows you to test continuously by automating the complete Software Testing Lifecycle (STLC).
  • Has awesome features like smart reporting and analytics.
  • Lets you experience a faster feedback and testing process among the members from different teams.
  • Increases test reusability.

5. CloudQA

This cloud-based codeless test automation tool enables you to conduct multiple tests parallelly. You can now work with the equivalent power of Selenium without having robust coding knowledge.

Its efficient system puts recorded tests into maintainable modules and visualizes them into easily comprehensible forms. From this tool, you get the opportunity to reuse similar tests for regression testing, load testing, and synthetic monitoring. Its regression testing top features are following -

  • It is built on the base of Selenium, one of the strongest testing automation frameworks.
  • One can monitor multiple data sets over various real-time browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
  • It provides higher reusability for synthetic monitoring and that too without coding.
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular bug tracking, CI/CD, ALM, version control, and other relevant tools.
  • Provides good support for data-driven testing.
  • Has the efficient features of smart recording, playback along with taking screenshots at every step.
  • Works with smart locators that help you to run thousands of tests parallelly.
  • Enables you to manage bugs with 3rd party integrations like Slack, Asana, GitHub, Jira, etc.

6. Katalon Studio

It is the one-stop codeless QA solution for all the Web, API, Mobile testing, and Desktop applications that you are developing. Katalon Studio has made to the list of top automated software testing solutions based on its features like an amazing interface, drag & drop commands, etc.

If you are someone who is looking for an easy way to write scripts, get started with the massive set of built-in keywords and dual-scripting interfaces, Katalon studio is there for you. Also, with Katalon studio, you can get a custom automation framework for you. Let's take a look at its prime features.

  • It allows you to test a wide range of Web, API, Mobile, and Desktop-based applications in different operating systems and browsers.
  • Anyone with no coding knowledge can also use it easily.
  • Has an efficient record and playback feature that converts all movements to backend codes.
  • Provides flexibility to use in multiple languages. Hence, the whole team feels at ease at work.
  • Has an amazing centralized dashboard that is very easy to navigate.
  • It seamlessly integrates with popular modern CI/CD tools and ALM systems like Jira, Git, Jenkins, etc.
  • Enables users to use smart wait features for handling Selenium wait issues without any additional test scripts and Selenium can easily be migrated to Katalon. Then you can continue using your existing Selenium scripts.
  • Provides immense ease through its set of built-in keywords and dual-scripting interfaces.

7. Reflect

It is another effective tool for testing applications for desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. With Reflect, you can record tests across multiple pages and multiple sites.

You can stay sure that your test will not break as it disables inputs to the test while a page is loading. Let's take a look at its prime features.

  • You can test and analyze the visual representation of your page by adding a visual validation.
  • Allows the user to execute and review the tests anytime.
  • It is also popular as it suites combined test execution, environment configuration, and notifications into a logical unit of execution.

8. RainForest

RainForest QA is one of the big names in the domain of codeless end-to-end UI testing. You can now have all your technical and non-technical team members working together at immense ease.

With RainForest, both automated and manual testing is your cup of tea. It lets you prioritize testing the visual layer instead of only focusing on the underlying code. As a result, you can easily test the portion that directly interacts with your users.

So, we must now check out some of the specifications of this efficient tool.

  • It has a developed AI for computer vision that opens and closes tabs and browsers by itself during the test. It is expected to be faster but, because the AI is only computer vision, it turns out to be a bit slower.
  • It uses virtual machines for the test and that becomes a great advantage over real machines. Real machines often have different specifications and a huge difference in other environmental parameters. Hence, different real machines can provide extremely different test results.
  • It uses several features like pixel matching, text matching, etc. to minimize test maintenance. It can be immensely beneficial for your time and resources.
  • Provides video replays of every test so that, you can minutely analyze every part of it.
  • Provides some great options in terms of packages that become financially beneficial for you.

9. Ghost Inspector

It provides you the infrastructure to build codeless Selenium tests. And, those tests come with a record-and-playback browser extension while you can also edit them with a codeless editor.

Though some believe that a codeless editor is not user-friendly for users with no coding experience, this tool can surely solve your purposes of website automation. Here are some of its prime features and drawbacks.

  • It allows you to schedule tests on your production site to check the functionality regularly and you can get alerted if anything breaks.
  • It supports only two of the prime browsers - Chrome and Firefox.
  • Though it is based on the codeless test automation framework, it can often make you add custom JavaScript code to make the test less flaky.
  • It doesn't have AI features.

10. SmartBear TestComplete

It is an awesome tool for enterprise software companies as they need to test mostly desktop applications. Because of its amazing features, it is really favored by software companies that develop web applications. From this tool, you get -

  • Keyword-driven and data-driven testing.
  • Cross-browser testing.
  • API testing.
  • CI integrations.
  • No AI to understand the modifications and adapt to the changes.

Why No-code Automation Testing?

We all know the importance of quality in your business. And, we saw how difficult it is to train huge QA teams to check complex features. That traditional way of software testing or QA testing becomes immensely time, money, and resource-consuming. Also, sometimes the non-technical members have to handle the whole operation by collaborating with the technical team.

The traditional automated test tools like Selenium, Appium, simulators and emulators provide even more complex processes rather than helping the users with easy features. In those cases, the best option to get the most efficient outcome is using the no-code test automation tools that simply turn the transcribe the test cases into automation scripts.

The modern automation testing tool with the feature of testing the web products in different browsers and different devices has made QA a smooth process that can reach the maximum collaborative work efficiency through the codeless test automation tools.

Start Testing Without Worries

We got a great idea about the amazing no-code testing tools and their specifications. Web App Testing is no more exclusive to engineers with immense coding knowledge. You have now plenty of features to use without dealing with coding by yourself. It's time to check out the real-time smooth No-code testing experience provided by our smart and efficient tool Preflight. Just check out our preliminary documentation and get started with testing your applications just through a chrome extension. To know more about various interesting topics, check out our blog page.