Top 10 QA Trends To Follow In 2023

Quality Trends in 2022
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The ever-evolving tech world is celebrating the new year 2022 with emerging tools and technologies. We never stop finding more ease at work and eventually keep on developing new web products. But, that development is necessary to conduct complex operations with huge databases.

While the tools are getting more modernized, the codes behind them are getting more complex.

Hence, to ensure the best quality in the applications and establish a strong base for the massive digital transformation, we must pass them through robust QA in a diverse range of formats.

As technology continues to grow, the QA trends also keep changing. And, to sustain in this highly competitive market, one must know and follow those software testing trends. So, let's take a look at the top 10 Software Testing trends to follow in 2022.

1. Agile and DevOps: Technology always needs a rapid change in requirements and a remarkable speed. Agile is the most accepted way to stand against the rapidly changing requirements and DevOps is the way to achieve the best performance.

The practices, rules, processes, and tools involved in DevOps take part in integrating development and operation activities to reduce the time from development to operations. DevOps is quite preferred by organizations, that want to effectively shorten the software lifecycles from development to delivery and operation.

From 2022 onwards, we can expect to see more increment in the popularity of this crucial method to achieve speed and quality together in testing.

2. IoT (Internet of Things) Testing: No matter whatever development works occur in the large-scale tech products, the end consumers mostly rely on small components that they regularly use.

Most of the modern small tech gadgets and technologies are mostly accumulated in the domain of IoT. It is a massive part of the modern evolution of technology. 5G technology, one of the most important parts of the near future, is mostly based on IoT tools and technologies.

Other than that, IoT plays a vital role in cyber security, another major concern in the massive market of the internet. Important sectors like automotive, healthcare, etc. use IoT to ensure the best improvement in technology and their security on the internet.

Popular testing tools for this testing are POSTMAN, Wireshark, ITAG Dongle, etc. enable organizations to get rid of bugs and difficulties easily.

3. Test Automation: One must properly use test automation to properly conduct operations related to DevOps practices. We are living in an era that is constantly moving towards increasing the number of tests.

Naturally, we expect the best performance within the earliest possible test duration, and automating the manual tests is the most effective way to achieve that. To express the necessity of automating the tests, we can consider that most regression tests should be automated.

Due to the lack of advanced tools and methods, still a small number of tests are automated. Hence, there is massive scope for business in developing the required tools and methods for automating the tests on a greater scale.

As far as the trend is concerned, we can say that though the world is shifting towards testing automation on a large scale, there are still multiple levels of movement left in it.

4. API and Service Test Automation: We are living in an era where the web and mobile applications are at a peak. And, the modern trend in designing those applications follows a method of decoupling the client and server. APIs and services are often reused in multiple applications and components.

Hence, automation testing the APIs and services becomes more valid and effective than testing the application.

The trend also shows that testing the reused APIs and services is more effective and efficient than testing the functionality used by the end-users, and eventually, the API testing tools, processes, and solutions are hitting remarkable marks in the market.

Get your hands on the trend to boost your business.

5. Artificial Intelligence For Testing: Despite being used for a long time, artificial intelligence and machine learning are still two of the most popular approaches in software testing. The modern advancements in these two popular technologies mainly focus on efficiently handling huge databases.

From the analysis of present positions, it is clear that these methods are still in early stages and more development works are going on continuously.

The efficient AI/ML algorithms are developed with the objective of generating better test cases, test scripts, etc. These methods help the QA team to make better predictions for the complex tests.

To detect faults and to figure out the test coverage & the areas of high risks, QA teams rely on the smart analytics and visualization provided by the AI/ML methodologies. Hop on the trend for applying AI/ML to address problems like test case prioritization, quality prediction, fault classification, and assignment in the near future.

6. Cybersecurity Testing: Any web product is useful and preferable only when it ensures robust security of users' data along with providing effective features. Hence, an important objective behind an efficient QA is a robust security system for the application. In 2022, the focus is going to be on maintaining massive prevention measures against server attacks.

Renowned organizations are working on improving their awareness. Cybersecurity testing requires crucial security measures to be determined at the very early stages of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). That ensures that the problems are solved before they cause significant damage.

Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial parameters of every successful business, government organization, etc. Development works will get significantly boosted in the upcoming years to protect the data of consumers, stakeholders, and other involved partners in any organization.

7. Blockchain Testing: Cryptocurrency is no more an alien thing to the world. Its craze among people clearly expresses its popularity. Blockchain is the specific database management system that is used for all cryptocurrency operations.

The blockchain solution is becoming so huge that it is expected to cross almost USD 12 Billion in 2022. Despite the challenges like security, costing, etc., Blockchain automated testing is going to become a massive part of the QA industry soon. Hence, get yourself accustomed to this trend.

8. Mobile Test Automation: Mobiles are undoubtedly the handiest and most affordable electronic device that solves most of the purposes of the user. It is a huge market with a massive user base.

That's why companies put a lot of effort in constantly developing numerous mobile applications to provide more ease to their users. Hence, naturally, those applications need to be tested thoroughly.

Mobile test automation must be a part of DevOps toolchains. Despite being one of the markets with the highest demand, there is still a huge lack of methods and tools. However, this trend is touching new heights due to the need for shortening the time-to-market and more tools & methods are coming in to boost it up.

The useful trend that you can focus on is that more efficient integration between cloud-based mobile device labs and test automation tools will act more positively for the effectiveness of the apps. Work on it to take advantage of the trend.

9. Test Environments and Data: The remarkable growth of IoT devices means massive sets of devices are operating in different environments. And, that calls for developing and maintaining different sets of test environments and data.

Now, if we analyze the cloud-based and containerized test environment, we can clearly feel the lack of the necessary parameters. Working in different test environments means the QA teams need to constantly improve their skills.

Hence, to solve problems like the loss of data during migrations, AI/ML strategies are being used to generate test data. It is indeed a great trend to follow for the betterment of test environments.

10. Codeless Automation: We are well aware of the explosive development and expansion of the IT industry. And, to keep up with that pace, the QA works also need to be completed quickly.

Efficient QA operations with no hassle of coding are the only way to achieve massive test coverage in less time.

The amazing AI-based codeless tools enable anyone with no coding knowledge to test complex applications. And, these tools also save a lot of resources that would otherwise become necessary to train a huge QA team.

If we are talking about codeless automation, Preflight is the must mention here. This simplest and most effective browser extension lets you test any web product within the minimum time and without dealing with codes.

You can recheck all your tests as many times as you want, set your custom workflows and assertions. It's the way towards exploring the most efficient way of no-code testing automation.


As we saw with emerging technologies, the QA trends are also constantly changing and getting improved. However, you can just get started with Preflight to stay updated with the latest testing trends and keep on testing all your products without ever dealing with codes.

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